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Psychotherapy for Adults

Psychotherapy for Adults enables clients to come to a broader understanding of their current and/or past problems and to make positive changes to their lives. A psychotherapist can offer in-depth work over a longer period of time.

Problem Gambling Therapy for Adults

This programme provides one-to-one counselling for anyone affected by problem gambling, including family members of those with a gambling addiction. This is done in a safe and confidential space where issues will be explored, and strategies will be worked through in a positive way which will lead to positive change.

Art Therapy for Adults, Teenagers and Older Children

Art therapy is used to help people understand their thoughts and express their emotions and understand conflicts and/or feelings that are causing them stress, by using art this can help them resolve those issues.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a space for children to work through their issues through play. Children often do not have the vocabulary to internalise their thoughts and feelings, play therapy is a gentle child-friendly process to support children through challenging issues.

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